The blog is targeted at primarily at programmers who already know some C/C++, and is focused on introducing them to the new features that have been added in C++11, and not just describing them but really digging into their nuances+pitfalls and how best to make use of them.

Currently there’s no books out on ‘best practices’ for C++11 programming, and the material that I’ve been able to find on the web describing the new features and best practices is limited, so as I’ve been developing my own – trying to piece some guidelines together from what I have been able to find – I thought it worth sharing my learnings here.

Recommended Resources

The following resources have been helpful for me in learning C++11:

About the Author

As a professional C++ programmer, I’ve been involved in a range of C++ projects over the last 10 or so years, ranging from working on real-time audio+video at Skype, to creating a lossless audio codec, to designing+programming a #1-selling iPhone game.

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